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“Micro and Macro” is an art style self-developed by choreographer and dancer, Satoshi Haga.
My artworks are created when I allow myself to immerse into the idea that my living body is one entire universe, and the collaboration of conscious and unconscious that occur inside the body is output into an art piece.

The idea was first triggered while I was recovering an injury to my leg, prohibiting me to dance, I self-taught myself to carve wooden sculptures. As a concept of my wood work, I began studying the distortions of the human body, as well as human psychology and mentality. But as I studied more and carved more, I came to a realization that I was not carving a shape, but carving as if in search to discover something that lied hidden within the wood.

Then in the 90's, my father was diagnosed with cancer and I had to cope with his passing. My body and my soul had become lifeless. To get my emotions organized in words, I took out a notebook and by instinct began drawing spirals. Soon, other shapes began to appear as if infinitely. The shapes eventually evolved into circles of different sizes.

These countless number of circles exist as a universe to me, the same universe our earth resides in, and at the same time are cellular organisms as well. The universe is too vast for the human to ever see it's entirety, and cellular organisms too small.

Through movements of the body, I recognize my body as a living organism. And when I identify my body as one large universe, every cell in my body become smaller universes – the vast universe is a merely a reflection of the tiny and infinite world of cellular organisms.

The intertwining of the universe and world of cellular organisms are what lay in my artworks. To draw countless numbers of large and small circles is an act to discover something that cannot be seen with the eye, and must be seen with the heart of the artist, which I believe will eventually connect to further seeing the living body (universe), the black hole, dark energies and dark substances.

Satoshi Haga

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